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By understanding a child's abilities and limitations, a

developmentally appropriate plan may be devised to maximize the child's comprehension and positive effects of the intervention, reducing the negative effect of treatments or events.


Through medical play and pre-procedural teaching, the child's typical development and wellbeing are supported. The negative effects of stress are minimized by familiarity of medical equipment and procedures.


Play facilitates learning by processing the information gathered from the social and cultural surroundings and modeling what was seen, heard,physically and emotionally felt.

Family Centered Care

Supporting the family by providing medical, new baby or grief information, sibling support. Advocating for the families wishes when options are available.


Opportunities to enjoy typical activities need to be made available to normalize the environment and allow for peer interaction and foster development.




Child Life is the practice of providing children and families with information to assist in coping with stress, fear and anxiety associated with emotional trauma, medical/illness, injuries or hospitalization. 

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