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     New Parents ~ New Sibling

 Parent Coaching ~ Child Massage

               MEDICAL SUPPORT

   Well Care Prep ~ Immunization Coping

  Procedural Escort ~ Diagnostic Teaching        Long-Term Illness ~ Medication Compliance   

         GRIEF & LOSS

    Divorce ~ Bereavement

We PlayWell, by providing children, teens and families the opportunity to explore medical and stressful life events through familiar non-threatening methods based in therapeutic play. 
Child Life Specialists have a background in child development and psychosocial support for children and families facing tough situations- wellcare check-ups, immunizations, diagnostic procedures, hospitalizations, new parents, sibling adjustment, divorce, prolonged illness, or loss.

Coaching, interventions and coping sessions designed to educate, reduce anxiety, and provide a plan to assist in your family's adjustment. 






Play facilitates mastery of learning new concepts and skills

What Is PlayWell

Benefits of PlayWell


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a Child Life Specialist as a member of a child's health care team. Through medical play and preparation, children are less fearful and more cooperative, reducing pain intensity and the length of a visit. Children develop coping skills and a positive attitude towards medical care. Having the opportunity to "play out" their feelings, children are able to process the event and have an outlet for emotional expression and mastering newly learned skills.


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